7.3. Extragalactic: \(\tt -e\)

Run on extragalactic quantities and diffuse extragalactic intensity


All default parameter files from the following run examples are generated with the -D flag.

$ clumpy -eX -D

7.3.1. \(\tt -e0\): Cosmic distances

Computes the cosmological comoving, angular diameter, and luminosity distances, as well as the \(\Omega\) and Hubble parameters at \(z > 0\):

$ clumpy -e0 -i clumpy_params_e0.txt

Fig. 7.21 -e0 output ROOT figure

7.3.2. \(\tt -e1\): Halo mass function

$ clumpy -e1 -i clumpy_params_e1.txt

Fig. 7.22 -e1 output ROOT figures

7.3.3. \(\tt -e2\): Luminosity and multi-level boosts

Computes \(c_{\Delta}(M_{\Delta},z)\), the luminosity \(\mathcal{L}(M_{\Delta},z)\), and the boost, \(\mathcal{L}_{\rm halo\,substructure}/\mathcal{L}_{\rm no\,substructure}\), over a user-defined mass range of extragalactic halos.

$ clumpy -e2 -i clumpy_params_e2.txt

Fig. 7.23 -e2 output ROOT figures

7.3.4. \(\tt -e3\): Intensity multiplier

$ clumpy -e3 -i clumpy_params_e3.txt

Fig. 7.24 -e3 output ROOT figure

7.3.5. \(\tt -e4\): EBL absorption

Computes the \(\gamma\)-ray EBL absorption exponent, \(\tau(z,\,E_\gamma)\), and \(e^{-\tau(z,\,E_\gamma)}\) by a polynomial fit in energy dimension and log-linear interpolation in redshift \(z\) to tabulated values from the literature

$ clumpy -e4 -i clumpy_params_e4txt

Fig. 7.25 -e4 output ROOT figure

7.3.6. \(\tt -e5\): Differential intensity contributions

Computes the differential contribution to the \(\gamma\)-ray or \(\nu\) intensity from extragalactic DM from different redshift and mass shells, \(\mathrm{d} I/\mathrm{d} z(z;\, \Delta M,\,E_{\gamma,\nu})\), and \(\mathrm{d} I/\mathrm{d} M(M;\, \Delta z,\,E_{\gamma,\nu})\).

$ clumpy -e5 -i clumpy_params_e5.txt

Fig. 7.26 -e5 output ROOT figure

7.3.7. \(\tt -e6\): Diffuse \(\gamma\)-ray or \(\nu\) intensity

$ clumpy -e6 -i clumpy_params_e6.txt

Fig. 7.27 -e6 output ROOT figure