7.7. Add flux extensions: \(\tt -f\)

Appends an extension containing

  • a \(\gamma\)-ray map with the flux per pixel,
  • a \(\gamma\)-ray intensity map,
  • a map with the neutrino flux per pixel,
  • a neutrino intensity map,

to an existing FITS file inputoutputfile.fits containing a J-factor map:

$ clumpy -f -D
$ clumpy -f -i clumpy_params_f.txt -r inputoutputfile.fits


  • The parameters required in clumpy_params_f.txt (or to be given via the command line) depend on the content of inputoutputfile.fits (e.g., whether it is a D-factor map from decay or a J-factor map from annihilation, or whether it is an extragalactic halo at \(z>0\) for which a \(\gamma\)-ray EBL absorption model has to be given). After loading inputoutputfile.fits, CLUMPY tells to the user which information it is missing.

  • CLUMPY does not provide a mechanism to again delete FITS extensions once added. You can however easily use fv (fits viewer) to again remove extensions added with the -f option.