8.2. \(\tt jeansMCMC\) executable

Jeans analysis with GreAT MCMC engine (only if GreAT is installed, see Download and Installation).

For example, to run MCMCs analysis on \(\sigma_{\rm p}\) data from $CLUMPY/data/data_sigmap.txt, execute:

$ clumpy_jeansMCMC -r $CLUMPY/data/data_sigmap.txt output/stat_example.root output/stat_exampleAna.root 10000 8 $CLUMPY/data/params_jeans.txt 0.05

using a numeric accuracy of 5%:


The result can be visualised with the -s8 module of the \(\tt clumpy\) executable (see Section 7.4):

$ clumpy -s8 -D
$ clumpy -s8 -i clumpy_params_s8.txt --gSTAT_FILES=output/stat_example.dat

Fig. 8.3 MCMC results output ROOT figures prcessed with -s8 option