CLUMPY user documentation

A code for \(\gamma\)-ray and \(\nu\) signals from dark matter structures

We hope you will enjoy using CLUMPY whether you are:

  • an experimental astroparticle physicist looking for J-factors or synthetic 2D \(\gamma\)-ray or \(\nu\) skymaps from dark matter decay or annihilation, to calculate your instrumental sensitivity or to use in model/template analyses;

  • a theoretical astroparticle physicist wishing to explore the \(\gamma\)-ray or \(\nu\) flux in the Galaxy, dSphs, or galaxy clusters for your preferred particle physics model;

  • an astrophysicist working on the DM content of dSphs and wishing to perform a Jeans analysis on your kinematic data;

  • a cosmologist wishing to compute halo mass functions for any cosmology, redshift, and overdensity definition \(\Delta\).

If you want to have a quick overview whether CLUMPY serves for your purposes, have a look at the Introduction and browse the clumpy executable: options and plots section or the Picture gallery. If you have decided to use CLUMPY, download it from the GitLab repository and consult the Download and Installation section. Start using it from our Quick start tutorial and learn more about of the various modules of CLUMPY in the Physics and equations section. An automatically generated PDF version of this documentation can be retrieved here.

If you use CLUMPY, please cite the CLUMPY publications by Charbonnier et al. (2012), Bonnivard et al. (2016), and Hütten et al. (2018).