7. clumpy executable: options and plots

The main executable \(\tt clumpy\) contains the seven modules:

They are executed by specifying the module + index right after the executable, and then parsing any input parameters afterwards. Input parameters can be gathered in a parameter file called by -i or --infile; a default parameter file is generated with the -D flag. Input parameters provided in the command line are preferred over the same parameter specified in a file. E.g.

$ clumpy -g1 -i params.txt --gMW_SUBS_DPDM_SLOPE=2.0

The output of these commands are interactive ROOT displays (ROOT canvas and objects can be straightforwardly saved in many formats, e.g., eps, jpeg, etc.), ASCII, ROOT, or FITS files.


You can prevent CLUMPY to write anything to disk with the -d flag, e.g.,

$ clumpy -g1 -d -i params.txt

For running the code in an automated pipeline, use the -p flag. E.g.,

$ clumpy -g1 -p -i params.txt

properly exits the code without starting the interactive ROOTAPP. If you want to avoid any ROOT canvas to be opened (e..g, executing the code on a batch farm), you may additionally choose gSIM_IS_WRITE_ROOTFILES = False,

$ clumpy -g1 -p -i params.txt --gSIM_IS_WRITE_ROOTFILES=False