3. Publications and data files

We only report below publications co-authored by a CLUMPY developer.

3.1. Dark haloes

  1. DM substructure modelling and sensitivity of the CTA to Galactic dark halos.
  2. \(\gamma\)-ray and \(\nu\) searches for dark matter subhalos in the Milky Way with a baryonic potential.
    Subhalo skymaps and catalogs available upon request to clumpy@lpsc.in2p3.fr.

3.2. Dwarf spheroidal galaxies

  1. DM in the classical dSphs: a robust constraint on the J-factor for \(\gamma\)-ray flux calculations.

  2. DM profiles and annihilation in dSphs: prospectives for \(\gamma\)-ray observatories.
  3. Spherical Jeans analysis for DM indirect detection in dSph galaxies - impact of physical parameters and triaxiality.
  4. Contamination of stellar-kinematic samples and uncertainty about DM annihilation profiles in ultrafaint dSphs: the example of Segue I.

  5. Magellan/M2FS Spectroscopy of Tucana 2 and Grus 1.

3.3. Galaxy clusters

  1. Decaying DM: stacking analysis of galaxy clusters to improve on current limits.
  2. :math:`gamma`-rays from annihilating DM in galaxy clusters: stacking versus single source analysis.
  3. Disentangling cosmic-ray and dark-matter induced :math:`gamma`-rays in galaxy clusters.

3.4. Extragalactic

  1. Extragalactic diffuse :math:`gamma`-rays from DM annihilation: revised prediction and full modelling uncertainties.